Do you have a passion for social justice, social work, or making the world a better place? Are you an (aspiring) artist or graphic designer? Then we want YOU to design our next awesome shirt!

Submit your design by September 21st to enter to win! The winner will:
 - Receive a free tshirt with their design 
- Select a non-profit of their choice to receive 10% of the proceeds of the winning shirt sales! 

Are you interested? See the contest guidelines and submit your design below! 


EligibilityThe contest is open to all. Participation in the promotion/contest constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these official rules.

TimelineAll designs must be submitted on or before 11:59 PM (CST) September 21, 2018. Winner will be selected/announced no later than September 28, 2018.

 - Design must be submitted in vector/AI (preferred), PSD, jpeg, eps, or PNG format.
 - No reproduced images will be accepted.  Submissions must be original artwork and free of copyright*.
 - There is no limit to the number of submissions per entrant during the entry period.
 - Winner may be contacted to submit original file via email. If submission needs to be reproduced to ensure the highest quality of printing, we will do our best to recreate the most accurate design.
- So Just Six retains rights to all submissions to use in future marketing/product development*. 
(* see below for the fine print)

Winner: Winner will receive a free tshirt with their design printed on it! Winner will also select a non-profit (recognized 501(c)(3)) to receive 10% of the proceeds winning shirt sales. 

Theme: Use your imagination! We want the most awesome shirt you can create. The only guideline is that all designs fit and adhere to our stated Company Values.


Sound good? Then use the form below to begin your submission. 

*By submitting a design as part of this promotion/contest (the “Submitted Design”), you warrant and represent to So Just Six that you are the creator, designer, and owner of the Submitted Design, free and clear of all encumbrances, and that you are in compliance with all legal requirements applicable to such Submitted Design.   You further warrant and represent to So Just Six that the Submitted Design does not violate any federal or state laws, including any copyright laws.  You hereby agree that the Submitted Design shall be considered a “work made for hire” as that term is understood under the copyright laws of the United States, so that all copyright and other property interests in the Submitted Design shall vest at the time of creation in So Just Six and you shall have no copyright or other property interest in such Submitted Design.  You further agree that any copyright or other property interest that vests in you in the Submitted Design are hereby assigned in their entirety to So Just Six, such assignment including all of the exclusive rights under copyright law.  You further agree that So Just Six may reproduce the Submitted Design in any form or medium desired by So Just Six and that such Submitted Design may be used by So Just Six in any future marketing/product development as So Just Six deems necessary or desirable.  Lastly, by submitting a design as part of this promotion/contest, you waive any rights to the Submitted Design under any federal or state law, regulation, rule, or statute.  At any time or from time to time after your submission, you shall, at So Just Six’s request and at So Just Six’s expense, execute and deliver any further instruments or documents as So Just Six may reasonably request in order to consummate and make effective the agreements, assignments, licenses, and waivers described above with relation to the Submitted Design.  The relationship between you and So Just Six is, and in the future shall be, construed to be independent parties.  You and So Just Six are not, and in the future shall not be deemed to be, in a partnership, joint venture, employer/employee relationship, or any other similar relationship or arrangement.