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Company Values

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. This is true for So Just Six. At its core, this company centers around three critical, unwavering values:

- Justice

Justice is the cornerstone of our company. While we may think of justice as something that is confrontational and contentious, it often takes other forms. While confrontation has its place, we strive to give our customers products that don't aim to divide, but instead give approachable ways to start conversations about important topics. We want to give customers a way to say "we care about people." This means making statements; sometimes subtle, sometimes not. 

- Human Dignity and Worth 

As social workers, we learned that dignity and worth of every person is where justice starts. Our products promote this idea. While our shirts might poke fun or shed light on certain social constructs, ideas, or institutions, we will NEVER make a statement at the expense of another person. We are all in this together. 

- Sustainability

What kind of company would we be if we promoted justice in our words but not our actions? That is why we care a great deal about where we source our products. We promise to never use products that are a result of any type of human exploitation; including forced labor, non-livable wages, poor working conditions, and underage labor. We know where each of the factories we use is and the type of conditions that exist there.